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Geeky as you are and thoroughly attuned to contemporary cultural productions, you’ve wanted, for some time, to bring up the sophisticated topic of retrofuturism to your friends. You’ve worried, however, that they would not fully grasp the concept, the implied tension between past and present, or the nostalgia we all seem to share for versions of the future imagined decades ago, but which never came to be. Hint: A Flip Clock!

If all this has bothered you, your turmoil has finally come to an end, for once you adorn your desk or wall with a new Electromechanical Flip Clock, a timepiece that seems to have been transported straight from the Jetsons’ Orbit City to your home, your friends will immediately understand both what you mean and why this seemingly tedious topic is actually extremely interesting.

Flip Clock: Googie Style

On the other hand, if you, like your friends, are too plain to appreciate retrofuturism and its implications for our contemporary life, you can, nevertheless, take comfort in the fact that your otherwise dull room just got much, much cooler. That’s certainly important, isn’t it?

Available in three distinct models – Gort, Bors, and Trol – the “Jetsons” Flip Clock is just as simple as you and your friends, though far more beautiful and meaningful in its simplicity. In fact, this timepiece has the easiest-to-read display in the galaxy, with white, large numbers set against a dark background for ease of observation from any angle, distance, or IQ level.

Its design, thoroughly reminiscent of George Jetson and the style of his Skypad Apartment, is inspired by Mid-Century Modern furniture and, more specifically, by Googie architecture.

“Google architecture?” your friends will ask, to which, with sumptuous airs, you’ll reply: “Googie, of course, a modern style marked by car culture, the Space age, and the Atomic age, which originated in the 1940s and continued into the 1960s.” The Electromechanical Flip Clock will thus take all of you back to a bygone era, when humankind aspired to greatness through whimsical inventions, robots, spaceships, and even time travel. Talk about nostalgia, right? To put things in perspective, what have you or any of your friends achieved of late? Rest assured, Gort, Bors, and Trol will each undoubtedly remind you of this fact on an hourly basis.

Yet these timepieces, stunning as they are, are not all about looks. They’re also neat conversation starters, they are easy to read, whether on the desk, parlor, side table, or mounted on a wall, thanks to their tilted displays, and they are overall impressively functional. Each is incorporated with a mechanical driver with Quartz movement, which means that exactly every 60 seconds, the gear mechanism flips the minute’s paddles in a thrilling display of simplicity, accuracy, and style.

Since the Flip Clock only requires an AA battery to run, you won’t have to worry about cables getting in your way either. Just remember to set the time two minutes ahead when you first use the clock in order to account for a short adjustment in the gear mechanism rotation. Then, just sit back and enjoy the delicate click of numbers marking the passage of time as your life goes by in silence.


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