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From one lover of music to another, we present The Bluetooth Sound Machine, Nuvitron’s tribute to the history of audio development. Meet Marconi, the unique, handcrafted speaker that faithfully chronicles the evolution of sound reproduction.

Equipped with an old-school sound waveguide, a bold, 19th century steel horn tube and present-day bluetooth technology, all in a handcrafted wooden case. The audacious design of the Bluetooth Sound Machine is only equaled by its strength and functionality. The sound waveguide is measured to intensify the sound and maintain its tonal quality. The dazzling, handcrafted steel horn is paired with a neodymium speaker to naturally amplify higher frequencies.

But while Marconi is a sophisticated piece of technology, its use is made easy through bluetooth connectivity and an auxiliary input. Just turn up the volume and feel the warm and beautiful tone of Nuvitron’s Bluetooth Sound Machine.

To fully appreciate this marvelous achievement, you’ll have to see and hear it by yourself!


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Designed to enhance bass response

Sound Wave Guide. The Most Simple Way To Amplify Sound

Engineered for a mellow and balanced tone.

Nuvitron implemented a well known and ancient way to amplify and strengthen the bass response of a speaker: a Sound Waveguide. This technique allows natural life-like tone with a smooth bass response that will delight your ears.

This cavity, designed by a sound engineer, directs the air from the speaker to the exhaust port on the back of the Sound Machine. The waveguide is approximately 35 inches long and has a cross-sectional area of 2 inches; carries the low frequencies to take advantage of the energy produced by the driver that, without this cavity, would otherwise be wasted.

The volume, warmth and beautiful tone in Nuvitron´s Bluetooth Sound Machine are marvelous achievements that can be realized only by hearing and seeing it.

Sound, melody in its real value

The History of Sound Reproduction in One Machine

Handcrafted, Stylish, Perfected

Designed as a superb series of three different speakers, Marconi, Edison and Bell are loyal chroniclers of the evolution of sound reproduction, from its very beginning to what we all know today.

Each speaker is equipped with an old-school sound waveguide as a first magnifier of sound, a 19th century horn as an amplifier and contemporary bluetooth technology as the agent of connectivity. Finally, this fascinating perambulation through time is fittingly enclosed in a stylish Art Deco or Victorian case that enchants the eye.

The result is a unique piece that not only looks stunning, but that also guarantees many happy hours of dancing, imperishable moments of romance and hour upon hour of perfect contentment in the company of impeccably rendered music.

The History of Electronics

Technology, Vintage and New

Awakens the curiosity and enchants the eye

The imposing, impressive, yet classy appearance of the Bluetooth Sound Machine is only equaled by the strength of its technology and by its functionality. The sound waveguide, which is precisely 35 inches long and 1 inch wide in diameter, intensifies the sound without decreasing its tonal quality, thereby enhancing bass response and creating a pure, smooth reception.

Marconi, Edison and Bell, all seem like complex, sophisticated pieces of technology, and that is exactly what they are. But at Nuvitron, we strive ceaselessly to create the simplest and most intuitive devices, which is why each of the three speakers comes with bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary input. To feel their powerful, warm and beautiful tone, all you have to do is to turn up the volume.

The materialization of any nerd’s most fantastic dream

Design And Craftsmanship

Guarantee many happy hours of dancing

The Bluetooth Sound Machine is an engaging product that awakens curiosity and excites both hearing and sight. It is handcrafted in wood and steel, two materials that immediately stand out and that combine into a spectacular, stylish piece of design, in the spirit of either Art Deco, for Marconi and Edison, or the Victorian era, for Bell.

The wooden case is manufactured in MDF and Teak veneer, which undergoes a delicate process of drying and treating for high resistance and a beautiful finish. It gives warmth and balance to the device, allowing it to unify in a coherent manner two elements that are widely apart in time, the steel horn and the bluetooth technology.

Full of personality, elegant and classy at the same time, the steel horn itself is what fills the machine with energy, turning it into a daring and controversial piece. When finally assembled by a professional smith, Nuvitron’s Bluetooth Sound Machine is ready to last and to enchant through generations.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 3.2 × 7.4 × 8.6 in


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