Perpetuum - The Never Ending Calendar

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A handmade wooden everlasting calendar that is both elegant and simple to use. And due to its classy design, it will look awesome on a desk, nightstand, library or in the living room and will surely become a conversation piece.

You will see the date change almost as if by magic. Simply rotate each box and the next date will fall automatically. This calendar is made entirely by hand and takes just under a day to manufacture from start to finish. Teak wood is used for the structure and MDF for the months and days.

If you want a handmade device that will look awesome and it´s cooler as it gets, well… look no further because Perpetuum, The Never Ending Calendar sums it all.

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100% Handmade - Proudly!

Beautiful Teak wood panels

Each one is slightly different

Perpetuum. The Never Ending Calendar will look outstanding on a desk, nightstand, library or in the living room due to its elegant and simple contemporary design. But be aware that simplicity does not necessary means mass-made.

Each device takes almost a day to complete since it is entirely handmade. Skilled Craftsmen cut the wood, assemble the pieces and apply a linseed oil finish that nourishes and protects the wood.

And wait… NO cheap-o plastic here. We use beautiful Teak wood panels for the structure and MDF for the days and months.

Works as if by magic

Awesome Decor

Wooden Desk Calendar

This never ending calendar is the perfect gift for the man who has everything, for seniors because it’s super easy to handle and read and for father’s day, Christmas, birthdays or any other special day.

… Did you know… We casted a spell on this whimsical device and now it works as if by magic. Just flip the boxes over and it will change the date as required.

This little gizmo will make each day a bit funnier but way elegant and simple. Back to the basics!

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