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As if the Nixie Tube Clock wasn’t awesome enough, along comes the Nixie Watch. (Not literally, it can’t walk unaided.) Yes folks, it’s a vacuum tube clock that you can wear on your wrist and it has to be one of the greatest geek toys to ever have existed.

Now, it would be reasonable to assume that someone who was involved in setting up a company that is now one of the largest in the world and a brand that is one of the most familiar and recognisable, would perhaps choose to wear their products, but that’s not the case for Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

In a recent interview, the “other Steve” expressed concern at the price and seeming lack of difference in the model range of the Apple watch, even questioning whether Apple were selling watches or watchbands! Of course, there could be another reason (Apple Watches are not as cool as a Nixie Watch).

Nixie Watch

Steve Wozniak Nixie Tube Watch

In a YouTube video, taken in 2009, Steve proudly shows off his Nixie Watch whilst gleefully describing how it scares the hell out of his fellow air travellers when he adjusts it for different time zones by opening it up mid-flight and pressing some buttons. Possibly not the ideal way to relax your fellow passengers at thirty thousand feet and, in these security obsessed times, not the best way to ensure that you have a hassle free journey yourself.

Nuvitron – Blog – Retrocebration – Nixie Watch

The video has received over four hundred and twenty thousand views and “The Woz” has been keen to show off and talk about his Nixie Watch every chance he gets. When one of the most significant engineers in history claims, “I would have loved to have invented that”, you can be sure that he’s talking about something special. In a recent BBC interview, he’s still wearing the watch and enthusing over it. Indeed, he has owned one since 2007 and now boasts a small collection of ten such watches.

Nixie Watch

All of which has been a positive boon and huge publicity for the company, Cathode Corner, which makes the Nixie Watch. This is a one-man outfit, run part-time by David Forbes working out of Tucson, Arizona and the Nixie Watch is just one of several inventions of Mr Forbes. The technology is the same as described for the Nixie tube clock, the key difference being size.

Everything is scaled down to fit on your wrist and, while it’s by no means the smallest watch you will buy, it’s definitely one of the coolest big boys toys and retro gadgets you’ll ever wear and surely has to be one of the hottest men’s Christmas gift ideas.

Nixie Tube Watch

The Evolution

The Nixie Tube Watch has evolved since the creation of the first piece in 2002 and his latest piece is looking much sleeker and thinner. In order to extend battery life, the watch incorporates a tilt device that only turns it on as you rotate your wrist to look at the time.

This tilt angle is adjustable. It’s also water, dust and dirt proof, ensuring protection in every modern man’s routine of a swim, followed by a roll around in the dust and a final session of digging in the dirt. Us chaps are all familiar with that particular routine, surely? Otherwise, why would they proof these devices against such activity? If only they could proof them against the tax man, or insurance salesmen…

If you’re the wife of a devoted geek and thinking of Christmas gift ideas for him, this should be at the top of your list, it’s one of the best gifts for guys that you’ll find anywhere. Just be sure not to adjust it when on a plane.

A Closer Look Into The Nixie Watch

Steve Wozniak Watch

Thanks to Cathode Corner for creating this marvelous Nixie Tube Watch


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