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Remember George Jetson and the family? From aerocars with transparent bubbletops to flying pods, housekeeping robots, flat-screen TVs, smart watches, and even a 3D food printer, they sure had it all in sky-high Orbit City. Naturally, your home will never be as cool as any of the Skypad Apartments, nor will you ever land a job where you only work a few hours a week for a paycheck that supports an entire family.

Yet you can still bring some fascination into your otherwise boring room with one of the new Electromechanical Flip Clock – Gort, Bors, and Trol. The three models inspired by Googie Style architecture and Mid-Century Modern design look as if they have been plucked from the Jetsons’ apartment and gracefully placed on your desk. Now that is something to talk about with your buds that is actually interesting!

Flip Clock: From Orbit City to the World

Don’t be fooled by the Flip Clock’s smooth design, however. Gort, Bors, and Trol might look as if they were magically transported from a bygone era into your home, but the process of ushering any of these three models into existence is far more complex. Indeed, our team of craftsmen undergoes painstaking labor for the creation of each Electromechanical Flip Clock. By the time they complete their work, they must achieve no less than a piece worthy of being exhibited in a museum.  

How, then, does the miracle happen, you ask? It all begins with the careful selection of beautiful wood grain Teak panels that are then cut and adjusted to the required size and thickness. Our artisans treat these pieces with utmost care and respect as they glue and clamp them together for a perfect fit.

Next, they show each enclosure the love it requires and deserves by sanding it with at least four different grits and ultimately applying a rich coat of linseed oil to nourish and protect the wood throughout its long lifespan.

Only when everything is silky smooth do they proceed to assemble the clock mechanism, which features a mechanical driver with a Quartz movement. Then, after more than six hours of arduous work, as the craftsmen wipe the sweat of their brows with bated breath, the miracle takes place. With a delicate click, the gear mechanism inside the clock begins to turn and, within 60 seconds, it flips the minute’s paddles for the very first time. The sight is truly stunning! Partly because they’re required to test each clock, but more so because they cannot tear themselves from the marvel of their own creations, the artisans continue to observe the timepiece for several additional hours.

Eventually, the time comes for each Electromechanical Flip Clock to be carefully packed, so as to protect the numbers, as well as the wooden case from any damage, and then be sent on its way. Some artisans take pride in this moment and see it as the final step of their labor, while others cannot help but shed a lonely, masculine tear at the painful departure. All know, however, that each Gort, Bors, and Trol Flip Clock has a life of its own and, more importantly, that each is desperately needed to bring a bit of cool to an otherwise bland desk or wall, somewhere out there, in the world.


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