All the questions you might have

Does this clock support 220v voltage?

Yes, Our Nixie Tube Clocks support both 110V and 220V in 50Hz and 60Hz. It can work flawlessly in every corner of the world.

Is there an alarm on the clock?

Our Nixie Tube Clocks does have an alarm function.

Can the wooden enclosure be opened to replace a tube if it burn out with time?

If the tube burns out, you can take out the back cover by removing 4 screws and change the tube. It uses a readily available Nixie tube (IN-12).

Our newer versions of Nixie Clocks have copper pins that held in place the tubes, so it is really easy to change them.

Can the Nixie Tube Clock be turned off while the clock still keeps time? Such as at bedtime or when I'm not home, to extend the life of the Nixie Tubes

Unfortunately we do not support this feature. But we designed this clock below the tubes operation point in order to preserve their lifespan.

When a tube burns out, are there replacement tubes that can be purchased?

Yes, You can use IN-12 Nixie tubes that are readily available online.

What is the lifespan of the tubes? I assume they are not replaceable when they burn out?

These tubes were manufactured under strict military specifications and built to last at least 10000 hours of continuous use. Nuvitron designed this clock below their operation point to ensure the best performance and longevity. If they fail, they can be changed by swapping a new set of Nixie Tubes reference (IN-12).

All of our Nixie Tube Clocks have copper pins that hold in place the Nixie Tubes.

Are Nixie Tubes Safe?

They are completely safe. Just do not stick your fingers inside the the clock or you might get shocked!

They generate heat?

No, Nixie Tubes do not generate heat because they do not need a filament to light up… and if you are worried about to much light at night, you will find that the faint vintage orange glow is the perfect companion in the dark.

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