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Lovingly crafted by skilled artisans with an artistic eye (don’t worry, they have two of them) and soldering irons for fingers, this Art Deco design is a true survivor from a bygone era. Not only does the Chroniker rely on old-school VFD technology to tell the time, but it also brings back the early 20th century in its style. The result is a gorgeous contemporary work of art.

But just like the Chroniker could not exist without the scientific fervor of the Cold War and in the absence of VFD tubes, its design is a tribute to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. Yes, we know you skipped on arts class when you were in school, but chances are – your girlfriend didn’t. If you’re still trying to convince her that the Chroniker is the absolute best Christmas present, this is your chance. We’ve got you covered.

Nuvitron – A clock that travels through time. Art Deco design from the 20s in the 21st Century.

Art Deco Design

An innovative style of visual arts, architecture and design, Art Deco first appeared in France, just before World War I, and continued to thrive for almost two decades before the outbreak of the second Great War. At its peak, Art Deco design influenced everything – from buildings, furniture, cars, trains and jewelry to fashion, radios and vacuum cleaners. It represented luxury, glamour and vitality, as well as faith in social and technological progress. In other words, it was a perfect product of its age – and everyone wanted a piece of it.

As an aesthetic theory, Art Deco design was commonly seen as a pastiche of many different and sometimes contradictory styles. It was influenced by the bold geometric forms of Cubism, the bright colors of Fauvism, the exotic styles of the East and the French craftsmanship of the 18th century. As such, it featured curving forms, in combination with smooth, polished lines and surfaces. Ebony and ivory were only some of the rare and expensive materials used in Art Deco design. Over the years, they were replaced by new, sleek materials, including chrome plating, stainless steel and plastic.

Nuvitron – A clock that travels through time. Art Deco design from the 20s in the 21st Century.

Perhaps most importantly, Art Deco became one of the first truly international styles in terms of architecture. In other words, if architecture had a Marilyn Monroe, Art Deco would be it. No, of course the Chroniker won’t look attractive in sexy women’s lingerie (did you forget that we can hear you think?). But as a fine piece of Art Deco combined with the spectacular blue-ish glow of the VFD tubes, it will be just as seductive.

Nuvitron – A clock that travels through time. Art Deco design from the 20s in the 21st Century.

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