Chroniker the Electroluminescent Tube Clock

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An entirely handcrafted piece, Chroniker merges art and technology through the beautiful combination of honey tone Teak, silky smooth Cedar and old school fluorescent tubes.

A masterpiece of Nuvitron art deco design, Chroniker incorporates the coolest VFD technology rescued from the former Soviet Union. When electrons hit the phosphor layer; photons visible to the human eye produce a blue-ish glow due to the effect of cathodoluminescence.

Nuvitron enhanced this amazing piece of art with practical functionality. Chroniker will tell you the time and wake you up in style with its alarm function. Its design is focused on creating the most comfortable experience for you.

You’ll notice that four interactive LED´s are used as a friendly configuration assistance and that different modes light up different colors, while the light brightness changes according to the time.


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Art Deco philosophy

Vintage Style And Enhanced Functionality

Multicolor LED’s and an Alarm Function

Chroniker is an entirely handcrafted Cedar Nixie Tube Clock with beautiful wood grain panels and electroluminescent technology into the most astonishing piece of vintage design.

When we created the Chroniker, we took the inspiring Art Deco philosophy at heart. The result? We came up with a powerful, imposing model that is moving and classy at the same time.

But, wait, there’s more. This beauty doesn’t just look fabulous. It also incorporates an alarm function that sounds good enough to wake you up in style. In addition to the spectacular Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) tubes, the circuit board features 4 RGB LED’s that change color for different functions without interfering with the posh blue-ish glow of the clock.

The precursors of the LED display

Old School Technology With A Brand New Look

Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tubes

The technology behind the Chroniker relies on Vacuum Fluorescent Display tubes, which were made in the former Soviet Union and are considered to be the precursors of the LED display.

The tubes contain a thin layer of phosphor mixed with inert gases in a high pressure glass enclosure. Their amazingly cool blue glow is based on the principle of cathodoluminescence, whereby electrons produced by a filament hit the phosphor and cause the emission of photons visible to the human eye.

Nuvitron salvaged this phenomenal electroluminescent technology and put the old school into a fascinating contemporary design. Not only will this clock tell you the time in a distinctively unique way, but it will also outlive you in the following nuclear apocalypse.

A phenomenal electroluminescent wooden clock

Handcrafted With Unique Premium Materials

An amazing combination of materials

You’ve already noticed – This is not your run-of-the-mill clock. Through the Chroniker, Nuvitron captured the very essence of Art Deco by putting together the smooth cedar case, the honey-toned Golden Teak veneer and the neat glow of VFD tubes (Those VFD tubes are older than the ones we use in our Nixie Tube Clock).

And although all the Chronikers are amazing to look at, every single clock is entirely handmade and unique.

Each cedar case has gone through a delicate process that involves drying and treating the wood to guarantee high resistance and a silky smooth texture. The wooden panels are manufactured in a separate process and the tech components and VFD tubes are tested one by one before being carefully assembled by Nuvitron in the final piece.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 5.9 × 1.9 in


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