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Featuring three unique designs in the form of Volta, Ampere and Ohm, the Vintage Nixie Tube Clock, with its gorgeous combination of old school technology and a fine, wooden enclosure created in the art deco style, is much more than a decorative piece. It is a piece of history that you can proudly display in your home.

It doesn’t take more than a glance to tell that the Vintage Nixie Tube Clock is an entirely handcrafted product, put together with the help of the most talented carpenters, who worked the finest details into each wooden case in order to achieve a lasting design. From within this beautiful enclosure, brand new Nixie tubes rescued from long abandoned basements in Eastern Europe impart their mesmerizing glow.

No less than 30 hours of meticulous work are needed to complete a Vintage Nixie Tube Clock, but each resulting timepiece, created to endure the test of time, is worth the while.

  • You can increase or decrease the brightness of the Nixie Tubes if needed.
  • Color LED´s behind the Nixie tubes will help you set the clock, the alarm and will have decorative effects that you can disable if desired.
  • Display time on 12 or 24 hours format and use the alarm to wake you up with a vintage style.
  • Our Nixie Clock was designed to work below its operation point to ensure the tubes last longer.
  • Nixie tubes are easily swappable, provided that they’re held in place using copper pin connectors.

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Nixie Clock

Old-School Electronics

Retro technology from the Cold War era

Nixie tubes lie at the heart of our Vintage Nixie Clock and also give it its name. The tubes were manufactured decades ago in the former Soviet Union with the intention of being used in military equipment for purposes that are probably best left unsaid. Produced under strict military specifications, the tubes were designed to last for a very long time.

Each fascinating Nixie tube is equipped with a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes, shaped like numerals. Once a high voltage is applied to one of these number “cathodes,” the gases ionize, or in other words, they get visibly excited, causing the surroundings of the number to glow. The Penning Mixture, a mix of Neon and Argon, give them their warm, orange glow.

Numeric Indicator Experimental Nº1. That is how the Nixie name was born. A simple and elegant solution to meet the need of a numerical display.

The History of Electronics

State Of The Art Electronics

A tribute to the basis of modern technology

The R&D facilities at Nuvitron are the modern equivalent of the alchemist labs of days gone by. Unlike the bearded wizards of yore, however, our similarly bearded artists are successful in turning base materials into gold. For the Vintage Nixie Clock, they rescued vintage technology, combined it with modern electronics and clothed it in a beautiful, handcrafted wooden enclosure with three unique designs.

To preserve the lifespan of each Nixie tube, Nuvitron designed a special circuit board that works below its operational point. By programming random number sequences for each passing minute, we further extended the tubes’ durability and caused all the digits to light up evenly.

Most importantly, to guarantee that the timepiece functions flawlessly in all the four corners of the world, we equipped it with a DC adapter that can operate on 110/220V at 50,60Hz.

An Art deco piece of history

Design And Craftsmanship

Each Vintage Nixie Tube clock takes more than 30 hours of work

There are no mass-produced, robot-made items here. Our art deco enclosures are all hand made by skilled artisans. Each one takes over 30 hours to create and there are no two Vintage Nixie Tube Clocks alike.

In the manufacturing process, we use beautiful wood grains of Teak from renewable forests, which we hand glue and sand for a smooth finish. As if that wasn’t enough, we then use linseed oil to nourish and protect the wood.

The final result is a timepiece that blends with the environment and stands out for its charm. Profoundly inspired by the Art Deco philosophy, the Vintage Nixie Tube Clock is a powerful, imposing device with a classy touch.

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 6.9 × 4.2 × 4.2 in