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“The Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock is made using gas discharge tubes left over from the Cold War era. Although gas discharge tubes were displaced by LEDs, Nuvitron have rescued some new-for-old stock and given them new purpose. Combined with state of the art electronics and wrapped in a gorgeous, hand-made, wooden enclosure, the Bargraph Clock provides three modes of operation for endless hours of entertainment.

Laid flat along its length, with the LED on the left, it is in clock mode. The upper reading displays the hours and the lower reading shows the minutes.

In the vertical position with the LED at the bottom, it acts as a sound level meter, displaying the intensity of the sound within your environment.

In the vertical position with the LED at the top, it acts as a timer. The timer can be set to count down from 1, 5 or 10 minutes using the buttons on the back and is accompanied by a mesmerising, pendulum effect.


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The coolest gizmo around

Made By Human Hands

The pinnacle of human invention

On this Nixie Clock, we used tubes designed under military specifications with the intention of being used by the Soviet armed forces but were usurped when LEDs were introduced and ended up being abandoned in cold, dark and dusty basements.

It was from these very basements that Nuvitron rescued them and gave them new purpose and meaning in the coolest, old-school gadget ever.

So, how does one package such a cool gizmo? Well, we decided that the only way to do justice to such a device is to wrap it in a wooden enclosure, made completely by hand, carefully cut, sanded and painted by humans, not machines.

It changes automatically!

Nixie Clock. A glowing wonder

Three modes of operation in a single device

In clock mode, it… well, it tells the time. The sound level meter gives you a visual display of audio levels in the immediate environment and the timer can count down from 1, 5 or 10 minutes, whilst displaying a pleasing, and quite hypnotic, pendulum effect.

To change modes, this Nixie Clock is turned round and incorporates sensors that detect its position to change the displayed values accordingly. The different modes are indicated via an LED that animates and changes color.

The science behind the amazing

Be Nerdy In A Vintage Style

What is a gas discharge tube?

First, let us look at the technology involved here. Exactly what is a gas discharge tube? Well, put simply, it is a device that has an arrangement of electrodes within an insulated environment that is filled with gas or, more accurately in this case, a mixture of gases: Neon and Argon.

When a voltage is applied, the gas molecules get excited, then flow and glow but they do so in such a way as to produce oscillations and waveforms.

If you want to make yourself instantly more annoying at social gatherings you can research Townsend Discharge and Paschen’s Law.

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