Gadgets that travel through time

Our Design Philosophy

Looking to the past, creating the future.

They say that we should learn from our past and this is exactly what we aim for at Nuvitron. Soviet military grade standards made our Nixie Tube Clocks possible.

Taking the best of what came before, matching it with the best of now to create classics of the future. Past. Present. Future. It’s a spiritual thing.

An amazing glowing marvel

Soviet scientists designed this technology

A Cold War era component found new life on this gadget.

Made during the Cold War era by Soviet scientists, these awesome glowing components were rescued from dank basements and now they found a new life in this amazing retro tech that is in the bridge of extinction. 

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You better grab one while they last!

Vintage Electronics

Future Products

Something special is in the oven except that it’s not literally an oven

It’s not too popular these days but we start every new project by reading old books and technical things. From this we then draw on years of experience and vivid dreams to develop ideas for new products.

Coming soon – a vacuum tube amplifier, a Nixie tube radio and a Vacuum Fluorescent Display watch. Stay tuned!

Handcrafted wooden enclosures

Our Process To Manufacture Products

Slow. Sure. Steady. Like a good wine or fine malt. We take our time

We hire highly skilled artisans with years of experience and moments of genius, producing limited quantities of unique products using renewable materials.

Cut, glued, sanded and finished entirely by hand. A romantic process.

A group of designers, engineers and artists meet regularly over hot bubbling cauldrons of frogs’ toes and bat wool.
The resulting incantations bring you the coolest, retro gadgets. The banter’s pretty good too.

Like Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus, Nuvitron products love to travel and they are now to be found in over 25 countries.
Unlike the aforementioned Marco and Chris…

Looking much like the mad scientist labs of your favourite ‘50s B-movie, this is where we experiment with vintage electronics
modern components and mutant lemmings (nah, not really.) Knock before entering.

We are a group of entrepreneurs with a firm foothold in the past.
Both eyes on the future and touched by just enough madness to make all the difference.