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These Nixie Tubes were made under strict military specifications during The Cold War era to be used in measuring devices, laboratory equipment and as numerical displays on vehicles for the former Soviet militia… Nuvitron rescued them from dank and cold basements in Eastern Europe to bring them a new life on our Nixie Clocks.

We have tested each one to ensure they work flawlessly and have packed them in bubble wrap so they can arrive in pristine conditions to their final destination. If you want to know more about this amazing retro technology called Nixie Tubes (Numeric Experimental Nº1), please take a look to this blog post that we prepared for you:

The Science Behind a Nixie Tube

Note: This set of 4 individual tubes are for the current version of our Nixie Clock. This clock have copper socket-pins to hold in place the Nixie Tubes and colored LED´s behind them.


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